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Changing the way the World Drinks

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What’s it All About?
A patented glass that actually delivers a useful function and is changing the way the world drinks. Who wouldn’t want to understand more about the spirits they drink? Whether its vodka, rum, whisky, or any spirit, your nose gives you all the information you need…if you let it. Traditional spirits glassware was designed only to hold the spirit while transporting from bottle to mouth, and little has happened since.

Until now, that is. For centuries, everyone believed that (1) you can’t separate alcohol from the spirit because there is too much alcohol, and (2) smaller openings at the rim are necessary because they collect all the aroma right under the nose.
The numbing effects of alcohol on the olfactory have always been discounted as something that could not be changed. Understanding the true physics and chemistry of alcohol and aromas, led to a unique spirits glass that is now the official glass of most of the prestigious spirits judging competitions.

NEAT lets you taste the truth. Taste and aroma are the truest measure of a spirit’s quality. Alcohol burn overwhelms the truth, numbing the sense of smell and spoiling the experience.

NEAT’s patented science eliminates burn by separating and dissipating the alcohol aromas away from the nose.

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